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Dates and details are also posted at the school and announced after classes.
Upcoming Events


Students testing for the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt or higher rank must test at a national event (January or September national tournament or May Black Belt Conference) and must register at least a month prior to the testing date. Reservations at the host hotel typically need to be made months in advance to get the event room block rate. And don't forget those airline tickets when necessary.

Belt Rank Testing

2019 Testing Dates

We have a chart that shows how many classes a student must attend to participate in testing, what skills they will demonstrated at testing, and more.

(New Sessions start the day after the final date of each testing)

Feb. 2019
   Feb 5 - 11 (completed)
Apr. 2019
   Apr. 9-15 (completed)
June. 2019
   June 4-10 (completed)
Aug. 2019
   Aug 5-12 (completed)
   Taste of Hilliard Aug 7
Oct. 2019
   Oct. 8-14
Dec. 2019
   Dec. 10-16
   Dragon, Ninja-5 testing Dec. 13
   HTA Photo Day Sat. Dec. 14th

White Belts - Recommended Black Belts (Recommended is the black belt with the red stripe through the middle) may pre-register to test in class the Mon-Fri of the week before testing. Black Belts with their name on their belt must test at a scheduled testing date/time at our school or another Taekwondo America school.

No Classes on tournament days
and, if there is travel, there may be no class on the day or two before the tournament

(see more details at bottom of this page)

Jan. 26-27 2018 (COMPLETED)
  National Tournament
  Columbus Ohio

May 19, 2018 (COMPLETED)
  Central OH Tournament
  Dublin OH

Sept 21-22 2018 (COMPLETED)
  National Tournament
  Dallas TX

Nov. 17, 2018 COMPLETED)
  Central OH Tournament
  Genoa MS, Westerville OH

Jan. 2019 Winston Salem NC (COMPLETED)

March 16, 2019 -regional
Friar's Club Cincinnati OH

May 18, 2019 Central Ohio Tournament; Genoa MS

Sept. 20-21 2019 National -

Jan 2020 National - Dallas TX

March 14, 2020 Midwest Regional Tournament at the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati

Sept 2020- Indianapolis IN

2018 Memorial Day Weekend,
 Sawgrass Resort FL (COMPLETED)

May 24-25 2019 Memorial Day weekend,  St Augustine FL

May 2020 Memorial Day Weekend
St Augustine FL

July 20-22, 2018 (COMPLETED)
Instr add'l day, July 19th
Central State University,
    Wilberforce OH

July 26-28, 2019
instructor camp starts July 25

Griffin Elite Sports Complex
near the Independence KY Taekwondo America school.
January 6, 2018 (COMPLETED)
April 28, 2018 (COMPLETED)
August 25, 2018 (COMPLETED)
January 5, 2019 (COMPLETED)
April 27, 2019 (COMPLETED)
Sept. 7, 2019 (COMPLETED)


FREE t-shirt!*
Refer a friend* to try their first classes with us in our Juniors Program (ages 7-12) or our Teen/Adult classes, and if they sign up for a new membership, we show our appreciation by letting you pick out a Hilliard Taekwondo Academy t-shirt. After all, we love having you as a student so we sure to like your friends, too, right?
*Does not apply to adding a family member to an existing membership or to our Little Dragon/Little Ninja class since that is a wait list program.

Events that are coming up:
●New Session  - starts Tuesday, Oct 15th
  See our schedule/calendar page & our Getting Started &
  Special Offer pages for more information
●HTA family halloween party - Sunday, Oct 20
  Sign up sheet & details at the counter
●November 16th Central OH tournament; we want every
  Hilliard Taekwondo Academy student to have the
  great experience of participating in this tournament
●Keep an eye on our calendar, our facebook page, the fliers/posters at the school and listen to our after-class announcements


Parents Take Your First 2 months of 
classes at Hilliard Taekwondo
Academy for only $25!

Parents, as long as your child is taking classes you can take your first two months of classes for only $25, which gets you a pair of red or blue HTA workout pants, a belt and an HTA workout t-shirt. If you decide to then commit to a longer term membership you will then receive a full white uniform.

Why is my child resisting coming to class?

What happened to make that child who couldn't wait to get to class, suddenly start digging in their heels when it's time to put on their uniform?

Transition Time
Imagine if you were reading a great book or watching a riveting movie and someone told you to stop right now because you had to go somewhere. Typically it isn't that kids don't like coming to class, they just don't want to stop the fun thing they are doing right now even when it's to go and do another fun activity.
Build in transition time and have them put away the video game, send the friend home, and sit down for a snack before class. If they still fight about going to class let them know that the next hour was set aside for them to take class and if they don't go to class they aren't going to be rewarded by being able to play their video game, watch TV or play with friends, but the extra time will be used for chores that need to be done.

A New Challenge in Class
Their new form may be a challenging one or they may have just started free sparring or they are having trouble earning the skill tape stripes because their new rank requires more advanced techniques and improved skill.
Help them understand that one of the reasons they are at Hilliard Taekwondo Academy is to learn how to face those kinds of challenges and to not give up. Avoiding coming to class won't help them get better. They actually need to come to class more. It's also important to let us know about this issue so we can help them.

A No-Change
The first reaction most people have as soon as they get a no-change is "I'm quitting!" because it doesn't feel good when you don't succeed at something. But learning to have a goal and to persevere toward that goal despite challenges and set-backs is an important life skill for everyone. And kids often take their cues from their parents. If you are upset and treat their no-change like it's a catastrophe, they may be more upset. If you treat it like it's no big deal, that you are proud of the effort they put into their testing and they get to test again in just 2 short months, they may be less upset.

Been there - done that
A student may feel like they already know that kick, how to do their form, how to spar well and break those boards so why come to class? Every part of every class can't be exciting and new. Sometimes to maintain our skill and to improve we need to practice it over and over. An important life lesson is learning to persevere through the challenging or fearful or boring times that are help us prepare for the new and fun and exciting things.

Parental Advice
The number one reason kids quit an activity is because their parents turn it into work. The child started something they thought would be fun and then the parents, thinking they are helping, start giving all kinds of tips and advice for how the child could perform better. Your child hears it as criticism and feels they aren't measuring up. If they feel criticized whether they are trying as hard as they can in class or not giving any effort at all, what's the point of trying ... they feel criticized either way.

While students shouldn't practice punching and kicking things at home, to keep your furniture and pets safe, it's fine if the student wants to practice their form, but we don't want them to feel like they have to practice at home. It should always be the student's decision to practice and not the parent suggesting it or requiring it. Students who come to class consistently 2-3 times a week, every week (with the exception of vacations), who focus in class and give their best effort should be able to learn what they need for their skill tape stripes without any practice time at home. We do not want parents or other students or our instructors who happen to live near you to be teaching. (Our instructors are only allowed to teach inside our school during our classes under the supervision of a chief instructor.) Students who are struggling to earn their skill tape stripes will get more individualized attention during class over time to help them.

While we encourage every student to prepare as if they will test at every belt rank testing, some students just need a little more time to feel confident with the material to be able to earn the skill tape stripes needed to test and they may need another 2 months to become more adept at the skills required to move onto the next rank.

If your child is resisting coming to class, come in and talk with us so we can work together to get over this challenge. Quitting activities when they are no longer easy can become a habit and is one we want to help students avoid developing.

Respectful Behavior - "Why does my child behave better for you than for me?"

Short answer: we have immediate and consistent, age-appropriate consequences plus positive reinforcement of behavior we want.

Long answer: a typical scenario for many parents is a child misbehaves and a power struggle ensues, with the parent then reaching for the "biggest gun" they have, and they assume that threatening to take away something really important will make their child toe the line. "If you don't clean up your room right now, I am cancelling our Disney vacation!" If the child still doesn't comply the parent often starts negotiating because who really wants to incur the financial cost of canceling the Disney vacation at the last minute? Or who wants to cancel date night with their spouse because they now have to follow through with consequences and stay home with the child who now can't go to that birthday party or dance or sporting event?

It's not making threats (even if you yell them really really really loudly) or having a list of rules and consequences (even if it's in really really really big lettering on poster board hanging in your kitchen) that makes children behave ... it's APPLYING consequences that teaches them the importance of behaving. You can yell as loud and as long as you want, thinking you are a really tough disciplinarian but if you don't follow through with the consequence as stated your kids just tune out all your yelling because they've learned it's just a bunch of hot air and nothing bad really happens when they misbehave. Plus you're teaching them that you consider yelling to be an okay way to communicate frustration.

To take the emotion out of these types of interactions with your kids, sit down together and create a reward and consequences chart outlining expected behavior. This way you don't over- or under-react when something happens. And don't be afraid to actually apply the consequences immediately.

It may inconvenience you to leave the store immediately without finishing your purchases when your child misbehaves. But if you negotiate with them, promise them a candy bar if they behave or decide to overlook it "this one time" because you really need to make this purchase today it will be that much harder to get them to behave in the future. As Barney Fife from the Andy Taylor show used to say "Nip it in the bud!" Don't count to 3 (especially those of you who add fractions in there so it's really like 15-20 numbers), don't threaten "next time", don't negotiate and bribe ... apply those predetermined consequences now.

It's also important to praise your child when you "catch" them behaving well. You tend to get more of the behavior you focus on the most.

How can you avoid those battles of the will?
As your children get older they are going to test the boundaries you have set. That doesn't mean your boundaries are too restrictive and that you should move them. Kids often test the boundaries to make sure they know where those boundaries are and that those boundaries are strong enough to hold them and keep them safe.

It helps to discuss expected behavior well in advance, especially if you are having friends over or going out. Make sure the activity is suitable for the age and temperament of the child. It probably isn't a great idea to take a 2-year-old with you for a 2-hour grocery trip. Make sure the timing is appropriate. Taking a tired, hungry or unwell child out somewhere probably isn't the best idea for a positive experience.

If the child apologizes should they still have to suffer the consequences?
Absolutely! They SHOULD apologize for breaking the rules, but that doesn't change the fact that the rules were broken. If you drop the consequences when your child apologizes, they will start treating an apology as a "get out of jail free" card. And an apology should be more than a sing-songy "sorrrrrryyyy." An apology should include eye contact with the person they are apologizing to and:
●"I'm sorry I (state the inappropriate behavior)"
●Stating why the behavior was inappropriate/unsafe/unkind, etc
●Asking for forgiveness
●Promising to not do it again

It will get worse at first
People continue to do what they've been doing because it gets them the results they want. If you've been negotiating or bribing or yelling without follow-through, etc, dropping consequences when they apologize, your kids have learned how to respond to you to get the outcome they want. When you now stop reacting emotionally and start immediately enforcing consequences there will be resistance because their behavior is no longer getting the reaction it used to. Stick to your guns, stay calm, refer to the agreed upon plan and it will get better.


YOU Can Participate in the Nov 16, 2019
Taekwondo America
Fall Central OH

Whether you are a seasoned Black Belt, a  White Belt of any age or a brand new Little Dragon student YOU (every Hilliard Taekwondo Academy students) can, and should have the fun experience, of participating in the upcoming Taekwondo America Central OH Tournament.

Our tournaments are not scary like what you see in "Karate Kid" or even at the Olympics. Just like at our Belt Rank Testing, at a tournament you do your form and either one-steps or sparring (depending on your rank). If you are a Little Dragon, Little Ninja-5 or Ninja Junior-6 you will do your form or Ninja moves.  Green Belt Juniors, Teens and Adults may choose to also participate in the Board Breaking Challenge.

Tournaments are meant to be a fun and friendly competition, designed to help you improve your confidence, meet new people and be more prepared for your next belt rank testing.

How does a tournament prepare your for testing? While we don't care if our students win medals, we find that THEY do care and want to do well. That motivates them to work harder in class on the details of their form and on their one-steps or sparring. That focus is what helps them then be better prepared for Belt Rank Testing.

Registration forms will soon be available at the front counter!

Wear do those uniform patches go?

When students in our juniors program (ages 7-12) or our teen and adult students earn their Yellow Belt, as part of their belt rank promotion, we provide them with our HTA school patch and the national organization's Taekwondo America (TA) patch. (The new TA patch design looks different than the round TA patch in the image below, but goes in the same place on the jacket front.

The school patch (our HTA patch) goes on the right side of the uniform, centered on that side of the upper chest (and that side of the jacket crosses over first/under and the string on that front right side of the jacket ties on the inside to the string that is at the "V" at side seam on the left side of the jacket.)

The TA patch goes on the left side of the uniform, centered on that side of the upper chest (and that side of the jacket crosses over last/on top and the string on that front left side of the jacket ties from the outside to the string that is at the "V" at side seam on the right side of the jacket.)

How To Tie Your Belt
Here is a video that does a great job of demonstrating the proper belt tying technique to accompany this diagram below.

Fold your belt in half to find the middle.
Place the middle point of the belt at your belly button.
Wrap one side of the belt around your waist and behind your back.
Wrap the other side of the belt around your waist and behind your back, on top of the other half of the belt.
Bring the ends together at your belly button -- do not tie the two ends together yet -- take the end of your belt that is the top layer and slide it from the bottom up and behind the other two layers of your belt.
Now tie the two ends of your belt.
The ends of your belt should be the same length.

Can Taekwondo Help With Chores at Home, Homework, etc?

At Hilliard Taekwondo Academy we aren't just trying to turn students into great martial artists who can kick, punch and defend themselves well. We're also inspiring students to live our tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit at home, at school, with friends, and out in public.

In addition to target drills we teach how time management and goal setting apply to learning a new taekwondo form AND to getting chores done. Students learn that the focus required to hear and follow all our directions during class is also important at home and at school. Looking someone in the eye when talking or listening, using a confident voice and being kind starts with finding a partner for target drills. We chat about goals and how earning something means doing the work first before receiving the reward (and that we need to act more grown up BEFORE we can expect our parents to treat us more grown up).

Learning to be respectful, focus and disciplined may start on our workout floor, but the lessons we teach are designed to inspire positive change in all areas of our students' lives.